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  • Eamon J

What's in a song? A step-by-step guide to creating music

Blood , sweat & tears...

Creating music can be one of the most rewarding feelings but, what to do once you have written your song ?

You could record it on your computer and upload it to Soundcloud and see what happens or, release it to Spotify and hope it takes off (280,000 songs are released on Spotify per week)

99% of releases sink...

Or you could talk to us at Antipodes Music. We can help you develop your music and help you with a sustainable pathway to really get your music heard.

We work with some of the best people in the Australian music biz.

Our partners include ,



We also have a weekly broadcast radio show that goes out to 1.2 million listeners every week (U.K & Western Europe)

Call or get in touch , we are listening!


Eamon O'Kane-0410345068

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