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Screen Credits

Peaceful Warrior.  'Satellites'
written by Eamon O'Kane / Sally Thomas

2006. Lionsgate films

Satellites is from the (unreleased) album 'the godbox sessions : 90405) recorded in Santa Monica CA in 1998-99


(Big monster on campus)

'Passion for you' written by Eamon O'Kane / Peter Distefano & Sally Thomas

2000 . Regent Entertainment

From the album 'the godbox sessions :90405. Recorded in Santa Monica CA in 1998-99.

Playing Possum . Soundtrack by Eamon O'Kane

1998 . NZ onscreen . NZ on air

Recorded and written in Auckland at 'The Nest' studios. Direction by Peter Salmon, music produced by Eamon O'Kane.

Letters about the weather. Soundtrack by Eamon O'Kane & Sally Thomas

1999 .NZ onscreen . NZ on air

Recorded and Written in uckland at 'The NEst Studios' Direction by Peter Salmon, Produced by Eamon O'Kane.

DOW Corp (USA)

January 22, 2020

Original Advert theme written by Sally Thomas & Eamon O'Kane. For the DOW Corp 1998 USA Campaign. 'Just a thought' Produced by Eamon O'Kane.

Monster eats boy


Directed & written by Simon Rabywith support from NZ on air. Short film soundtrack. co- composed with Sally Thomas.

Screen Credits: News
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