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Terms & Conditions

The Music Room & Antipodes Music Label

Prices shown for recording (and / or) release sessions are pre paid pricing.
See the music room page for current pricing
Fees must be paid at start of 10 pack session. Refunds not available. Sessions can be deferred or re scheduled at no extra cost.
Extra sessions are charged at the pro rata studio rate (which may be subject to change)
Antipodes music management have full control over all music that is released. All music must be 'release / broadcast ready' this will be determined by Antipodes music management.
There may be extra fees applicable to releasing your music (upload fees /ISRC barcode fees and any and all music playlist or radio promotion fees). Antipodes music group agrees to upload and release your music when the 10 session course is completed and both parties agree with the finished product. All artwork must be agreed by antipodes music management.
Any and all art work fees are the responsibility of the artist.
Any fees associated with physical media copying (CD,Vinyl,Cassette) are the responsibility of the artist and must be paid to antipodes music group.
There maybe yearly fees for maintaining your online music release, these fees are charged to you 'the artist'
You (the artist) agrees to a payment split of 75%/25% (75 to the artist, 25 to A.M.G)for any and all income received through any and all online and physical (CD,Vinyl,Cassette or other physical formats).
This includes sales returns from all online stores, including bandcamp,spotify,tidal,youtube, and all other digital stores accessed by A.M.G
The sales & control period shall last for 24 months from the date of release.
During this period the 'recording of the material) shall be licensed by the artist to Antipodes Music group. After the 24 month period has ended artist may takedown the release from Antipodes Music Group control or leave the release online through A.M.G. there may be a change in fee structure at this point.

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