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Studio Setup

At the heart of our studio is the

AMS-NEVE 8424 console.

Designed for hybrid studios with the classic Neve Marinair transformers.

Neve 1073 OPX preamps (10 channels)

Neve 2264ALB compresser / limiters.

Neve 8803 stereo EQ , SSL The Bus + ,

Rupert Neve MBC. (Master Bus converter/ limiter)

SSL UC1 + complete SSL plugin suite.

1/4" reel to reel tape machine for mix-master and transfer |Dat Machine | Nakamichi Cassette deck

Fabfilter, Tokyo Dawn, Abbey rd-complete suite. Flatline Clipper , Voc Align pro5 , Autotune.

We have Vocal | acoustic instrument ISO booth)

We have drum room + Tama Rockstar kit 

Moog Theremini | Native instruments Maschine micro3

RodeCaster Podcast system (for podcast recording & creation)

complete range of mic's | AKG 241 | AKG C12 Clone | Rode NTK valve, NT1, NT1a, Shure SM7b , sm57s, Nude mics, etc

Driving the system is indie Producer / Engineer Eamon Kane.

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