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At the heart of our studio is the  AMS-NEVE 8424 console.

Designed for hybrid studios with the classic Neve Marinair transformers.Neve 1073 OPX preamps (10 channels)

Dynaudio LYD 48 Monitors & Sub woofer.  . Auratone  Nearfield monitors. Sony 3 way playback speakers.

Neve 2264ALB compresser / limiters. Neve 8803 stereo EQ , SSL The Bus + ,Rupert Neve MBC. (Master Bus converter/ limiter)

1/4" reel to reel tape machine for mix-master and transfer |Dat Machine | Nakamichi Cassette deck

UAD | Fabfilter | Tokyo Dawn  Abbey rdFlatline Clipper | Voc Align pro5| Autotune.

We have Vocal | acoustic instrument ISO booth) Drum room + Tama Rockstar kit 

Moog Theremini | Native instruments Maschine micro3 . RodeCaster Podcast system (for podcast recording & creation)

Complete range of mic's | Neumann |AKG | Nude | Rode , Shure | Audix drum mic's.

Protools -Logic - Ableton


Our B room is designed for electronic Rap, hip hop and small projects

It is based around SSL controllers (UC1 & UF1) and SSL 2+ interface and preamps.

Yamaha HS monitors & Sub.

This is our ITB studio.

Full SSL plugins as well as WAVES, Eventide Harmonizer , Autotune, Flatline, Abbey Rd,

Vocalign etc

roland Juno JU 06 , Moog Theremini , keyboard controller and Maschine micro 3

full microphone list available (See main studio list)

This room is perfect for producers and artists.

It is available for dry or wet hire

(with or without engineer)

Dry hire is $40 per hour

Wet hire is $45 per hour

Packages and day rates available on request.


Get a Quote.

Give us as much info as possible. (Genre ,band or solo, live drums, samples etc.)

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